Yukon was a country created on April 14th, 2150, after being inspired by the example of Alaska. They immediately reached out to the Alaskan government to work on developing a partnership.

Government Edit

Biskane Cook of Whitehorse suggested the idea of an independent country to the mayor of Yellowknife, who assented. The two also got in contact with the smaller cities of the north, inviting them to join the new movement. They established a system where Whitehorse and Yellowknife alternate four year terms electing a president; the president may serve unlimited terms, but none consecutively. In the country's legislature, Whitehorse and Yellowknife each get 3 representatives, while every smaller town gets one.

Military Edit

Yukon describes itself as an demilitarized state with no intention of spending money on a military; it does, however, encourage civilians to be prepared in the case of an invasion, and allows the organization of local militias.

Cities Edit

  • Whitehorse: 25,085
  • Yellowknife: 19,569
  • Iqaluit: 7,740
  • Hay River: 3,606
  • Inuvik: 3,240
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