Istanbul was previously a member of the International Council of Major Cities, but withdrew from the UN after a coup on April 4th, 2150. It acquired weapons by disarming the 3rd UNEF and declared its intentions to follow the path of Scotland, obtaining economic recovery through separation from the international market.

History Edit

After declaring independence, the city of Istanbul immediately set out to secure the necessary resources to supply their nearly 15,000,000 people. They began by occupying the city of Corlu and the region around it on April 6th. They then occupied Tekirdag on the 9th. In both cases, the native populations put up no resistance. On April 12th, they occupied Luleburgaz.

Government Edit

After executing the former governor of Istanbul, the leaders of the coup appointed former 3rd UNEF commander Emre Demirci as President, revealing that, all along, Demirci was part of a conspiracy to obtain weapons and acquire the independence of Istanbul. The country became an oligarchy, with Demirci as the leader of a 12-man council of ministers running the country. The government has made claims that, in the future, those ministers will be elected by the people, once independence is firmly established.

Military Edit

The military of Istanbul, once equipped with the remaining weapons of the 3rd UNEF, possesses no heavy vehicles, but plenty of small arms and ammunition. The government quickly set up infantry units to keep independence secure. These units were organized with a 50-man headquarters, 4 infantry battalions of 400 men, and a 250-man support team, making each unit a total of 1,900 men. With 3 infantry regiments, their numbers were initially 5,700 men. On April 9th, 2150, they added a 4th regiment.

Units Edit

  • 1st Infantry Regiment (Corlu)
  • 2nd Infantry Regiment (Tekirdag)
  • 3rd Infantry Regiment (Istanbul)
  • 4th Infantry Regiment (Istanbul)

Cities Edit

  • Istanbul: 14,572,579
  • Corlu: 210,362
  • Tekirdag: 142,602
  • Luleburgaz: 100,790
  • Cerkezkoy: 84,234
  • Babeski: 29,329
  • Malkara: 28,880
  • Saray: 23,938
  • Muratli: 20,087
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