The Azores declared independence on April 10th, 2150, but dated their independence process back to 2140, when the UN began to ignore the islands due to the lack of a presence of a major city.

Government Edit

The first leader of the Azores is President Sophia Acosta, who wields a large amount of executive authority. She is advised by a council of one representative per 10,000 people, totaling 17.

Military Edit

The Azores has a very small military, raising a single battalion of 500 infantry, along with a 100-soldier reserve and a support and headquarters component of 200 men, totaling 800 soldiers overall.

Cities Edit

  • Ponta Delgada: 83,251
  • Angra do Heroismo: 35,402
  • Praia da Vitoria: 21,035
  • Horta: 14,994
  • Vila Franca do Campo: 11,229
  • Madalena: 6,049
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